We develop next generation deep tech infrastructure focused on accelerating streaming delivery of the next generation of media for 4K, 6K, 8K, and more.

Next Generation Platform

A platform with fully interactive and trackable experiences built automatically on top of any video content for ultimate engagement, combining this into an intuitive shared digital space, every screen can use - mobile, touchscreen,Augmented and Virtual Reality. TYKO’s power-packed components enable multi-device games, quizzes, challenges and rewards with live interactions offering new insights and analytics to audience behavior

A.I. Powered Codec

LENS has developed a completely novel approach towards image and video processing that’s based on Machine Learning (ML) with strong roots in fully linear systems - TORII. Rather than using ML to come up with latent space or semantic descriptors like current ML approaches or use block-based linear frequency transforms, TORII uses ML to optimize a complex linear descriptor image in a non-linear way. A highly optimized non-linear regression model assures low variance which targets specific arithmetic entropy coding models.

LENS Interactions

LENS has a diverse team of developers, artists and engineers - over the past five years we have built VR Games, Produced VR films and created new technologies for streaming and shared experiences. Explore more here.