LENS Immersive

Founded in Sydney, Australia in 2015 by Travis Rice and Yan Chen - LENS Immersive was built to power the next generation of streaming technologies.

We have offices in Sydney, Australia - Toronto, Canada - Hangzhou, China

We believe in the power of technology and design and at our core we are about sharing ideas.

Our custom built compression codec leads the world in both quality and bandwidth, built for accelerating your data with vital savings on transmission and storage. We are building new ways to accelerate the flow of data with the development of core, foundational technology.

Built and powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning we are using next generation platforms as a test bed - LENS proprietary technologies, content and IP are built to enable the growing use of 4K, 6K, 8K+ VR, AR and MR as well as the coming need for streaming dimensional interactions.

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THE LENS IMMERSIVE TEAM forms the backbone of our company.

Our teams are built from a dynamic and tight-knit collection of mathematicians, engineers and visionaries—experts in technology and the science of ideas. We have developed advanced computer vision and machine learning algorithms to help us accelerate data transmission and deliver content to you. We use this knowledge of technology to create innovative products that are smarter- for businesses and consumers around the world.

Our team comes from great companies, who’ve seen the experience we have on offer – companies like Apple, Blizzard, Disney, Jetstar, Animal logic, Motorola, Blackberry, Ubisoft and more.


Yan Chen

Yan Chen (陈焱) | LinkedIn

Founder and CEO, CTO LENS Group Australia, Canada, China and HK. A graduate of UC Berkeley in Neurology and Computer Science, Yan Chen is an 18 year VFX and Tec-wiz Hollywood veteran, having VFX and CG supervised block buster hits such as Treasure Planet, Matrix Reloaded, The Scorpion King, Shark Tale, Astro Boy, Happy Feet 2, and many more. His tenure in Hollywood has included roles in major studios such as Disney, Sony, Dreamworks, and more. He has also acted as CTO and Director of Technology within successful film production and film distribution startups in the USA, Canada, HK, and Australia. Within these startups, Yan has built pipelines and platforms that have resulted in billions of dollars of revenue and hundreds of millions of video views. Currently, acting as the chairman and CEO of the LENS Group of companies outside of China and the CTO of LENS China, Yan is applying his technical prowess and experience in building the foundational technology for the next generation of media distribution and consumption, starting with VR/AR/MR.

Travis Rice

Travis Rice | LinkedIn

Founder and CCO of LENS Group Australia, Canada, China and HK. Travis Rice has more than twenty years of experience working with artists and future technology in museums, galleries and the hi-tech sector. Growing from his time with international institutions such as Apple, Biennale of Sydney, First Night Austin, and Blizzard Entertainment he has brought this combination of skills to the forefront by founding the LENS Group. Travis has brought together art and technology in successful international exhibitions and venues all over the world, with work which has been viewed by millions of people in over two dozen countries. As the Chief Content Officer, Curator and Director of the LENS Group Travis brings ties to content producers and technology companies all over the world, from verticals such as fine and performing arts, foreign film, main stream media and pop culture.

Sam Qian

Sam Qian (钱子正) | crunchbase

Director of LENS Group. Sam is in charge of business development in China as well as guiding global finance operations at LENS. Prior to joining LENS, Sam was the CTO of Shanghai Tonva and was actively involved in guiding the financial exit for the company in 2014. Sam earned his PhD, Master of Science and Bachelor of Arts from the University of Cambridge.

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