Our creative pathways

Luxing LOGO

LUXING got its start in May of 2016 with the signing of the first contract to produce a VR bicycle game, currently titled “Velo Racer” for the company LTGames. The first of several planned and slated interactive and tourism based VR games, LUXING has a number of projects and core VR gaming IP developments. Click here to visit Luxing

Velo Racer is a single and multi-player bicycle racing game that integrates the popular social media platform WeChat. Integrating game play and stationary cycling, this is a physical exercise project utilizing custom bluetooth controllers to translate cycling speed into game play. The game will be playable on multiple devices simultaneously - allowing for online matches between people in multiple locations. The cross platform integration - on phones, tablets, televisions and Virtual Reality headsets - will expand on the technology base that LUXING can offer to our future projects in all companies.

Velo Racer has a broad marketing plan in China and delivered in Nov 2016, with a slated launch within China for the Christmas season 2017.

Pioneer LOGO

PIONEER is an industry leading Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality content studio built on Hollywood Studio and game development foundations. PIONEER exists to further the current, widely acknowledged shortage in VR/AR content and to drive innovative ideas in the production of quality immersive cinema and games. Market research, production consultation and the idea that VR is a consumption environment have allowed PIONEER to quickly gain traction as an industry leading vision on the future of VR. With this in mind - PIONEER is now producing and distributing DUAL FORMAT VR films with partners in USA, Europe and China. PIONEER is the active narrative production arm of LENS Entertainment, LEINSI (China) and LENS Immersive. Click here to visit Pioneer

Our current key points are:
  • VR PLUS and VR PURE have been established to create Industry leading content for VR - based on existing Hollywood productions and original IP
  • PIONEER is outside of the Studio System allowing for greater revenue shares and higher returns, as only can be done with VR and AR.
  • Distribution through the LENS VR platform and a China VR distribution partner across all current and future VR Headsets.
  • Consolidate all the best VR premium content in one place to attract audience and reduce risk.
  • Advertising, IP rights, and merchandising are supported