HTC Vive

How do I watch on the HTC Vive?

  • Step 1

    • Make sure your operating system is running either Windows 8 or 10.
    • If you haven't installed the HTC Vive runtime, please click here
    • After you've setup HTC Vive successfully, please download our app here
    • When you download our app from Chrome browser. It will ask to either Discard or Keep. Please click "Keep".
    • Then locate the installer file in "Downloads" folder and click install
  • Step 2

    • If you're noticing that the HTC Vive's "Chaperone" system is displaying room boundary indicators over top of the video stream unnecessarily, please do the following to re-calibrate the headset
    • Launch the "SteamVR Desktop app."
  • Step 3

    • Click the top-left drop-down control of the SteamVR app
  • Step 4

    • Click "Settings"
  • Step 5

    • Click "Developer" and scroll the scroll bar to the "Room and Tracking" section
    • Click "Quick Calibrate"
    • Once installed, go to browse
    • Click "Trailer". If you've installed everything correctly, HTC Vive should start streaming the video