Oculus Rift

How do I watch on the Oculus Rift?

  • Step 1

    • Make sure your operating system is running either Windows 8 or 10. If you're running bootcamp on Macbook Pro, this will not work, please refer to Oculus requirements.
    • Next step, install Oculus SDK.
  • Step 2

    • After you've installed Oculus SDK successfully, please download our app here
    • When you download our app from Chrome browser. It will ask to either Discard or Keep. Please click "Keep".
    • Then locate the installer file in "Downloads" folder and click install
  • Step 3

    • When you're installing the file, it will show you the screen on left hand side (LHS) for Windows 10 and similarly for windows 8
    • Please make sure you click on More info
  • Step 4

    • If you did the previous steps correctly, you should see a similar screen as this one
    • Click "Run anyway" to start installing
  • Step 5

    • Why am I seeing "Lens" in the installer?
    • We're using Lens VR technology to provide the best possible quality streaming service for VR devices, so it's correct
    • Please click "Next"
  • Step 6

    • It may be hidden, there will be a windows popup, prompting you to take action
    • Please click "Yes"
    • Please make sure only your Oculus device is connected to HDMI port. If you have your monitor connected to HDMI, please use VGA or DVI port
    • Once installed, select a video from Lens site, then click "play"